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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

What is this all about???

4Patches4Hope began as a desire to use my passion for quilting, and the power of social media and word of mouth, to create quilts to comfort those undergoing cancer treatments and at the same time raise money for cancer research. The original timeline was to begin on Valentine’s Day, 2011 and culminate on my mother’s birthday –today - October 4, 2011.

For one reason or another, I did not get the ball rolling and start to get the word out about the project, so then I revised my start date to START on Mom’s birthday.

Unfortunately Mom’s cancer had a different timetable, and on July 12, 2011 her battle with this disease ended.

As I worked through the emotions that came after - I decided to forge forward with this project - as there are mothers, sisters, aunts, cousins, daughters, nieces, friends and more who could benefit.

The concept is simple - Make a 4 Patch... Make a Donation... Make a difference.

How to Help:

1.  Make light-dark 4 patch block(s) using 2 1/2” squares (blocks should finish at 4 1/2” square).     
Use any colors you like for your “dark” but please try to use white or ivory for your “light.”

2.  Send the finished block(s) to: 

4Patches4Hope c/o Regina Arlauckas, PO Box 363  Churchville, NY  14428

3.  Please consider making a $4 donation for each block you make to the American Cancer Society via the link at The American Cancer Society or enclose a check to the American Cancer Society with your blocks. (Please do NOT enclose cash and be sure your checks are to the American Cancer Society.)

4.  The goal is 4000* blocks and $4,000 by February 28, 2012. (*goal revised to 4000 blocks on 11/24/11)

5.  Received blocks will be assembled into “comfort quilts” and donated to the Anderson Medical Center in Anderson, SC and the Pluta Cancer Center in Rochester, NY. 

6.  Each block donated will enter your name into a drawing for “participation prizes.”

7.  Donations of backing fabrics, batting and services are also appreciated.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Share this on your own blogs... 
Share this with your friends... 
...Share the dream of a cure.


  1. I am in! And I'll copy the idea and make something like this for a local hospital.

  2. Im so glad to see you idea come to life!! Happy Birthday to your amazing mom!! She is so proud. Im in. Hugs.

  3. Count me in. Great project and what a special tribute to your mom too!

    Big hug,


  4. I read about this at SewCalGal's blog and blogged about it myself. I'm committing to sending five blocks and $20 by this coming Monday. Can you take more blocks even if they don't each come with a $4 donation?

  5. Hey Regina - my first 72 blocks are on their way. How do I add your 'button' for this site to my blog so others will come and take a look?? I blogged you http://mariescreativespace.blogspot.com/2011/10/wip-wednesday-9.html
    Good luck with this wonderful program. I'll continue to send what I can. :)

  6. Hi,
    I'm going to get some made during the kids school holidays and send them from France, so hopefully you'll receive them...it's a great thing your doing, for a great cause and once close to my family.....
    I've blogged you too

  7. Great project. I will put this in my blog.

  8. Great idea! I've blogged about your project on my blog, and I'll be sending a couple of blocks. Best of luck to you.


  9. I'm on it. I'll be blogging about this tonight. :) I'll make a few 4Patches.

  10. I blogged you here: http://miniquiltaweek.blogspot.com/2011/10/4patches4hope-make-4-patch-make.html

  11. I'm in... blogged about your project here: http://imperamagna.blogspot.com/2011/10/4-patches-4-hope.html

  12. This is a beautiful idea. I will make some four patches over the weekend and send them your way.

  13. I'm working on this over the weekend with my 18 year old daughter :) Do you have a button we can add to our blogs that will link to your site? I have no idea how to do that without being supplied with an html code.