Our Progress

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Humbled and Awed

Quilters are THE best!  Hands down - no question about it!

Your response to my call - and your willingness to share the word - has been overwhelming!  I am scrambling to keep up with linking everyone's kind posts.  Thank you!  Thank you!  Thank you!!

Envelopes have been coming to my mailbox daily now - some with a block or two - some with 70+, and I am meeting with my contact at the local American Cancer Society office soon to turn over a small pile of checks.

I need to update both tickers - but prepping the 6 year old for Halloween (he's Batman and we made his costume) has had me tied up the past few nights...  best guess is that we are closing in on $200 and 200 blocks - but that is just a rough estimate.  Once Halloween is past - I will have an updated count on both, and our first monthly participant "door prize" - drawn from all the names of people who have sent blocks by October 31.  We will draw again in November...and December... and however long we decide to keep going!!

This weekend the first "non-electronic" publicity went out from me - in the form of flyers dropped to two of my local quilt shops.  The plan is to hit more local shops this month (...my own shop hop?  sure!) - and keep spreading the word!


  1. I'll be leaving work here in few minutes and will be stopping by the post office to send a few more blocks your way...


  2. 6 blocks heading out from California today!

  3. Excellent Regina! Will be sending more soon! :)

  4. Hope you got mine! I'll probably send some more after the Christmas sewing is done, and will try to spread the word with a flyer at my quilt guild too.