Our Progress

Friday, November 4, 2011

One Month

In the one month since we began 4Patches4Hope, generous quilters from all over the US have sent in 245 blocks and donations totaling $185.  Just as cancer knows no boundaries, I have had email responses from as far away as Brazil and France as well but no international parcels have arrived as yet.

October "participation prizes" will soon be in the mail to Patricia Sturm of NY for being the first to send me blocks, and to Marie Joerger of NH, whose name was picked at random from the "one block one chance" entries.  Of course Marie so generously sent 72 blocks - matching ones that will easily transform into a child's comfort quilt.  I also love that her blog post gave me 2 great ideas for easy layouts of these blocks!  Thanks Marie..

Donations varied from 1 block to 72... each and every one beautiful, heartfelt, and appreciated.


  1. I have become a follower and will join the 4Patches4Hope with at least two blocks as soon as possible!
    I was diagnosed with Colon Cancer in August last year and my mother died of Melanoma in 1983, at the young age of only 57.
    So, I think it's good to contribute to your great initiative!


  2. I will be sending blocks after the first of the year. I also posted on my own blog about your project. Good luck!

  3. Jeanneke keep strong! You'll beat this!! And to think here you are thinking about helping others!

    Hey Regina! Thanks so much for mentioning me in your blog. Will be sending more blocks this month.. Great start - you should be proud of this!!! :)

  4. I just found this website. What a wonderful way to honor your mother's memory. I'll be working on blocks and a post today.