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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Mystery Quilt update

In February, I told you about a mystery quilter who had sent a beautiful completely finished quilt in a box with no name, no note, no return address.

The quilt was very large - and the places I have been working with were requesting smaller quilts - so I set this one aside, knowing the right time and place would come for this quilt to find a home.

And then just after Halloween, the email came from a friend of mine in Georgia.  Her college roommate lived in the path of Hurricane Sandy - and though her home was intact, she was without power and had taken in her sister and her sister's friend, both of whom had lost their homes entirely.

I can't even imagine -

I think Mom must have "nudged" me - because that night I took my 7 year old son shopping, and we put together a care package of foods, hand warmers, gloves, and other items, bundled them all up with the quilt, and sent them off to Long Island.

A hug passed from Kentucky to Long Island by way of me.

A hug intended to bring comfort and warmth - and though it didn't go to a cancer patient (at least not that I know of) - it did go to someone who is suffering and will be going through a long recovery process.

It felt like the right home for this quilt... thank you again, my mystery quilter.

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  1. Well done; both you and the mystery quilter!!