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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Mystery Quilter

I have a mystery - a good mystery - but a puzzle nonetheless.

See - I received a box in the mail today - 4Patches4Hope was the address, AND the return address.

Inside was a small bag of blocks... and this:

No name, no note, no return address ... just a postmark from Bowling Green, Kentucky.

The quilt is beautiful - and will be added to the first batch of quilts that will be delivered in April.  This makes two completely done, one done except for the final binding, and a bunch more flimsies in progress.

Thank you, Mystery Quilter.  And if you had contacted me in the past and told me this was coming, and I am not making the connection in my brain - please forgive.  I'm claiming aging brain syndrome -at least for today (my birthday!)


  1. Happy Birthday, Regina!
    Do you think you're going to make it to the 4000 4patches? I do hope so; will keep my fingers crossed!



  2. Happy Birthday, Regina! What a beautiful mystery you got in the mail. Furthers your cause quite a bit.