Our Progress

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Spring Delivery Time

We are preparing for our trip to SC for Easter -and I've been busy trying to finish up quilts to deliver them while we are down there.  So far of the 7 that have been delivered, 5 were driven down, and 2 were combined in Christmas shipping packages, so I have managed to keep my delivery costs to a minimum.

The latest 5 were finished up this morning and came out of the dryer just in time for the sun to break through the clouds a bit for a photo session.  We've been pretty snowy still, but we had a bit of a thaw today so there are patches of - um - brown showing through the white.  There are some peeks of growth where the tulips and daffodils are - and Mom always said it couldn't be spring until it snowed on the blooming daffodils, so it is not far off.

Made from donated patches -and the first quilt to be dedicated in honor of someone.
One of my favorite fabrics in this quilt (and nearly overall from the donated blocks) - makes me think of Japan.
The back of the dedicated quilt - the two blocks in this backing strip were made by the person who sponsored the quilt.
One of mine - I saw this pattern free online and couldn't get it out of my head, so I made it with some donated fabric.   It is a little busy in person - but photographed really nicely.
Another one of mine - made with leftover bits from a bargello I made as a gift.  The chevron is not as noticeable in this photo as the light fabrics disappeared a bit, but this is very light and springy.
Black and purple donated blocks - I didn't have enough of either color to do a full 14 strips.  This one is more masculine feeling overall.
Another one of mine inspired by a free pattern online.  This one was a good example of the importance of consistent seam allowances... my strips ended up off by quite a bit at the end (hidden by the wind) but it still made a cheery and cozy quilt.
Some of the blocks in the quilt were made by tiny 4 patches - measuring 2.5" - using up lots of little bits in every project.
More to come -just not for this trip.  I am working on sock monkeys now as gifts for family members - so a completely different kind of sewing.