Our Progress

Friday, February 24, 2012

A Note on Odors

I just wanted to post a quick reminder to anyone donating fabrics or blocks or quilts to me or to any organization - but especially to hospitals - PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE refrain from using scented detergents or strong fabric softener when washing your fabrics or quilts, and if you are a smoker or have a smoker in your home and around your fabrics, please consider directing your charitable quilt donations to non-hospital settings.  Most of these stronger smells are especially troublesome to those undergoing medical treatments, and many hospitals will reject or dispose of quilts that contain strong smells so as to avoid jeopardizing the health of their patients.

I will say that I have received some blocks (though not many) that do not pass the initial "sniff test" and therefore I cannot jeopardize an entire quilt by including them.  While these will not be included in my quilts, they will be "deodorzized" as much as possible and passed along to a friend who makes quilts for a local shelter, in the hopes that they can still provide some comfort.

I do not mean this to be an "anti-smoking" statement - but rather a reminder of the guidelines on donations that Project Linus and many similar groups have put forth, and that I have used as guidance for my own projects.

Thank you for your understanding.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Goal Reached -and then some!!!

As of tonight the quilters of the world have responded with 4118 blocks for 4Patches4Hope!!!  Some of you have shared your stories and your reasons, most of you have shared your names, some of you have remained anonymous - but all of you have shared your scraps, your skill, your time, and your hearts!!!

I can't thank you enough!!!

I will continue to accept blocks - and every single one received will find its way into a comfort quilt.  Not all by February 28th - but I will continue to assemble them block by block, row by row, and quilt by quilt.  My first delivery goal is the week following Easter in South Carolina, and then we will go from there and see how quickly we can get them made and delivered.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Mystery Quilter

I have a mystery - a good mystery - but a puzzle nonetheless.

See - I received a box in the mail today - 4Patches4Hope was the address, AND the return address.

Inside was a small bag of blocks... and this:

No name, no note, no return address ... just a postmark from Bowling Green, Kentucky.

The quilt is beautiful - and will be added to the first batch of quilts that will be delivered in April.  This makes two completely done, one done except for the final binding, and a bunch more flimsies in progress.

Thank you, Mystery Quilter.  And if you had contacted me in the past and told me this was coming, and I am not making the connection in my brain - please forgive.  I'm claiming aging brain syndrome -at least for today (my birthday!)

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Texas Teamwork

Earlier this month I received a lovely box in the mail from the American Sewing Guild Quilting Group in and around Wichita Falls, TX. 

Vivian and her lovely friends worked together to send me a box of 105 blocks, and checks totaling $84 for the American Cancer Society.  I loved how each quilter carefully gathered her blocks together with a little note telling me who made them, and how many were in the bundle (which was VERY appreciated!!!!!!) - some were even tied with bits of string or thread, making lovely little "presents" of blocks. (I wanted to post a picture of one but am having trouble blurring out the info on the address... will try again later and perhaps add it in).

Nine quilters creating a box full of sunshine - and nearly 2/3 of a 4Patches4Hope quilt.

Thank you all for sending a bit of Texas sunshine to cloudy and cold western NY!  I will take good care and pass these bits of sunshine along to where they can make a difference.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Around the world in an envelope

Today I received 30 beautiful blocks from Raelene in Victoria, Australia - which is WAAAAAYYY on the opposite side of the world.  My son was fascinated when we went on Google Earth and "navigated" around the globe to Raelene's home town - it made the world a wee bit smaller for a moment  (though he also wanted to know when I met her - lol!)

4Patches4Hope has received blocks now from 3 continents (and email from a 4th) - and I am still hoping (with Hubby's help) to plot all the towns and cities and countries on a map that I can share.

Until then I will enjoy my little bits of Australia - and the cute little Sugar Glider on the stamp.