Our Progress

Monday, February 20, 2012

Goal Reached -and then some!!!

As of tonight the quilters of the world have responded with 4118 blocks for 4Patches4Hope!!!  Some of you have shared your stories and your reasons, most of you have shared your names, some of you have remained anonymous - but all of you have shared your scraps, your skill, your time, and your hearts!!!

I can't thank you enough!!!

I will continue to accept blocks - and every single one received will find its way into a comfort quilt.  Not all by February 28th - but I will continue to assemble them block by block, row by row, and quilt by quilt.  My first delivery goal is the week following Easter in South Carolina, and then we will go from there and see how quickly we can get them made and delivered.


  1. I was at a quilt retreat this weekend in Phoenix, AZ and made a bunch of these for you as a leader/ender project. When I get home, I'll finish the ones that are left to do, and get them in the mail...hopefully by the end of the week. Sally In SoCal

  2. YES, YES, YES!!!
    That's the most wonderful news for you and for everyone, Regina!!!

    Enjoy and happy happy stitching!



  3. Awesome!! Did you ever find out about the quilt from the last post?

  4. Hi Regina,
    Congratulations! You have been named for the Leibster Award!!!! Come on over to my blog to see how it works.

  5. That is 'sew' awesome!!!! What you are doing is such an awesome thing. Thanks for all your work and time that you have donated to this cause.

  6. So it's okay to still send some blocks?