Our Progress

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Happy New Year!!!

Thanks to everyone for their support of 4Patches4Hope so far - we are now at over 2600 blocks.  I am working on a 12x16 block layout for the quilts, so at 192 per quilt we now have enough for 13 - and counting!

The sew-in at Chestnut Bay Quilting earlier in December was well attended - 3 quilters plus Patty the owner were busy sewing away when I arrived, and as those 3 left, 2 more joined us.  It was a wonderfully relaxing time and the combined quilting experience helped me think through the next steps of assembly and layouts - plus it was a great way to meet some new faces.  We are doing it again on January 18 between 10AM and 5 PM, so if you are local to western NY and want to join us, please contact Chestnut Bay at (585) 538-4420 so we can be sure we have enough room for everyone.

Here are a few pictures of the blocks as I sorted them by color - and then as they started up on the design wall.
Sorting blocks.  This was kind of a good way to ease into the day - and the first time I had sorted these out of the packets they were sent in.
Loving all these deep jewel tones.
I thought the majority of the blocks would be pink -but there are twice as many blue as anything else.
First attempts at a blue/orange layout.  It looks better in this photo than it did closer up - so I changed directions midstream.
Over half way done on our bright colored "rainbow" layout.  Going to add some more oranges and blues to the other side of the green before this one is all done.


  1. It is so great to see the piles of blocks! And a surprise to see a lot of the blocks I made laying on top.
    Keep up the wonderful job, Regina!!
    Sending blessings and love and may 2012 bring all you are Hoping and Patching for!


  2. I just heard about your project today, and have posted about it on my blog, to help spread the word.
    Pat from FL and MI

  3. I love that you are going forward with this project. Your mom is smiling ear to ear, if she's like mine. And one of the other projects I participate in was started by someone just like you who wanted to help fight what took her mom and that's the Alzheimer's Art Quilt Initiative, started by Ami Simms.
    I will be sending you some 4 patches in the near future.
    Anna in IL