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Monday, November 19, 2012

4 Patches become 16

In this whole experience, the toughest challenge for me has been "taming the chaos" - all these beautiful blocks but with such different fabric choices... setting each of them into something that will make them ALL shine is intimidating at times.

I have posted in the past about my initial approach of strips of 12 similar or identical blocks - and that stripe layout was used in the first few quilts that were donated.

Now I am working with groups of 4 - turning them into 16 patches.  I now have a design wall, so I can toss the blocks up there as I make them and ponder the possibilities of layout into the final quilt.  Each one will take 6x7 of these 16 patches, and I think the finished result will work nicely!  I have a bunch paired up and ready to chain piece - one of the nice things about being home for Thanksgiving and not having to travel is having a little extra bit of sewing time over the weekend.

This year I am thankful for ALL OF YOU and the support you have given me through this project.


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